The X-Files

Episode 101: The X-Files Season 10: Original Order

10/13 is a special date for fans of The X-Files. For those not in the know, its the birthday of creator Chris Carter, and the name of his production company (“I made this!”).

On this special day, Alaia is joined by two of her best X-Files loving friends, Faiza and Justin, to discuss Season 10 – with a twist. The series order was rearranged before the episodes aired. Before recording, the trio watched in the originally intended order.

You’ll learn how these three friends found the show and get insights into what impact watching S10 in the original order had (hint, its better).

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Episode 68: The Golden Years

Don’t you love our special episodes? We know you do, so here’s another! This week we discuss the golden years of TV – and what that means to us. Which shows made us want to move to Alaska and live with men? We’ll tell you. Which shows shaped who we are and how do they reflect us now? Oh yeah, we go there. Favorite shows, cultural shifts in TV watching and more. We deliver the goods to you.


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