18-to-49-art - Episode60

Episode 84: Quick Backstory


The ladies welcome a special guest this week that brought the heat and high levels of hilarity. Stephanie Lakey, from the End of Mad Men episode, drops in to chat with us about our favorite fall shows. Thankfully she watches Fargo which tickled Alaia’s fancy. Things also get hilarious when an anteater makes an appearance and The Game spreads his wings.

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18-to-49-art - Episode60

Episode 63: All the Impish People

On this week’s episode, we wonder where all the black people went when they walked out of the TNT Academy graduation. Alaia fears that Mad Men may be in jeopardy and shows what true fandom looks like when she discusses The X-Files. We dish about network cancellations and renewals, the awful Jem and the Holograms trailer, Game of Thrones and 19 Kids and Counting. Also – we make big fun of CBS and learn a new word.
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Question of the week: What are your thoughts on the new Jem flick?
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