Episode 105: Won’t Your Me My Neighbor? With Hana Nobel

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Many of us grew up with this daily invitation from Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers) and its the fitting title of wonderful, moving new documentary about his work and show, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Managing NOT to cry during the course of recording, on this week’s episode, Alaia is joined by another big Mr. Rogers fan, Hana Nobel. We chat about why the movie earned a PG-13 rating, what we think about the upcoming biopic staring Tom Hanks and the surprising person missing from this new movie.

GO SEE IT (after you tune into this episode) and take a box of tissues with you.

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Hana Nobel a freelance writer fueled by late-night burritos. When she’s not writing, she’s attempting to play roller derby, giving food tours, talking about summer camp, wearing a jumpsuit, fighting the patriarchy, or carrying a book around in her bag that has overdue fines at the library. Hailing from the east coast, Hana is currently (accidentally) LA-based.

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