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Episode 55: Quote, Unquote


We quote things and then we unquote them on this episode 55 of 18 to 49. Drop in on your favorite mistresses of magic as we chat about the latest episodes of some of our favorite and not so favorite shows. We also have an anniversary coming up. Can you believe that we have been piercing your eardrums with hysterical banter for almost a  year? We can’t either and we’ve loved every single minute.

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18-to-49-art - Episode60

Episode 54: Life Alert Moments + The Stomach Speaks


It wouldn’t be an episode of 18 to 49 without our first life alert moment of 2015. In Episode 54, Alaia and Brandi come up with a new recognition piece that they will be awarding to some of their favorite shows, actors, and actresses. Also, the ladies are excited to host their second guest of 2015! Make sure you stick around for the end of the show so you don’t miss her introduction to the 18 to 49 family.

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18-to-49-art - Episode60

Episode 51: Puppies and Gunshots

Barking puppy mascots. Gunshots. Alaia gets turnt up on a Tuesday. We get in our feelings about Parenthood, The Americans, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder. Alaia keeps it real and explains why she never wants to Be Mary Jane. Brandi celebrates because Alaia is excited about watching Vikings on The History Channel.
You can expect all of this and more on this weeks’ Episode 51 of 18 to 49!
Incomplete sentences are fun!
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