Episode 101: The X-Files Season 10: Original Order

10/13 is a special date for fans of The X-Files. For those not in the know, its the birthday of creator Chris Carter, and the name of his production company (“I made this!”).

On this special day, Alaia is joined by two of her best X-Files loving friends, Faiza and Justin, to discuss Season 10 – with a twist. The series order was rearranged before the episodes aired. Before recording, the trio watched in the originally intended order.

You’ll learn how these three friends found the show and get insights into what impact watching S10 in the original order had (hint, its better).

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Episode 100: 2016 Fall TV Preview

18 to 49 is back – and so is the new season of television. Peak TV shows no signs of being over and Karly from Core Temp Arts and TV Ate My Brain joins Alaia to discuss new and returning shows on your favorite broadcast, cable, and streaming networks.

Annnnnd, it’s episode 100. Woohoo!

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Episode 99: Black Lives Matter

This week, Alaia is joined by Mo of the TV Movie Mistress Podcast and Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips to dish about FX’s confounding drama Tyrant, which is back for Season 3.

In light of recent events around the country, the trio also discusses the Black Lives Matter movement (35:52), how it is (and isn’t) portrayed on TV, and Mo and Rod share how they think it could be handled.

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Episode 98: Roots 2016 - 18 to 49 Podcast

Episode 98: Digging Into Our Roots

18 to 49 is back! This week, Alaia chats with Mo of the TV Movie Mistress Podcast and Mickey Leon of The Curvy Podcast to talk about the History Channel’s 2016 remake of the icon TV movie “Roots.”

We dive into the acting, writing, overall quality of the series and the controversy surrounding the remake.

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Episode 97: Big News

We’re baaaack! We took a hiatus because…life! But we tell you why and what’s coming up. We even manage to get some TV talk in.  This week: Underground, Game of Thrones,  The Americans, Better Call Saul, The People vs. OJ Simpson, House of Cards, Girls and more.

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Episode 95: American Formation

This week was filled with tales of Americans and Crime and their Stories. On deck this week are reviews of American Crime and American Crime Story. Beyonce also got us all in #Formation and Brandi was present and ready for all the wonder.
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