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Episode 106: Choose Your Own Disaster with Dana Schwartz

On this episode of 18 to 49, Alaia is joined by Dana Schwartz, correspondent at Entertainment Weekly and author of the new book CHOOSE YOUR OWN DISASTER. They chat about what inspired Dana to write the book, the unique (and fun) format and the messiness of trying to figure your life out in your 20’s. CYOD is sharp, witty and unflinchingly honest (probably why she asked her parents not to read it…). The ladies also touch on the challenges of staying on brand, what its like to see celebrities and the not so great parts of online dating.

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Dana Schwartz is a correspondent at Entertainment Weekly, based in Los Angeles. She’s written for The New Yorker, The Guardian, the New York Observer, Marie Claire, Glamour, Mic, GQ, VICE, and more. Her  new memoir, CHOOSE YOUR OWN DISASTER was just released. (Tip: get it in paperback so you can flip around!)

She created a parody Twitter account called @GuyInYourMFA based on the people she’s encountered in fiction workshops, and another one called @DystopianYA about the tropes in all of the young adult fiction books she’s read. Her own (non-dystopian) YA book (AND WE’RE OFF) was published May 2017 by Penguin/Razorbil.

Learn more about Dana and her work at danaschwartzdotcom.com

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Episode 103: The Royal Wedding

18 to 49 is back with all new episodes! This week, Alaia is joined by L’Oreal Payton Thompson of LT In the City to dish all about the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. It was a topic Alaia was content to avoid, but internet chatter left her no choice. LT is a feminist who is admittedly in love with love, making her the perfect guest to complement Alaia’s skepticism.

L’Oreal Thompson Payton is a Baltimore-bred, Chicago-based freelance writer and blogger with a passion for empowering women and girls. When she’s not busy writing, she can usually be found reading, dancing or binge-watching Beyoncé videos on Instagram.

Connect with L’Oreal at http://www.ltinthecity.com

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Episode 101: The X-Files Season 10: Original Order

10/13 is a special date for fans of The X-Files. For those not in the know, its the birthday of creator Chris Carter, and the name of his production company (“I made this!”).

On this special day, Alaia is joined by two of her best X-Files loving friends, Faiza and Justin, to discuss Season 10 – with a twist. The series order was rearranged before the episodes aired. Before recording, the trio watched in the originally intended order.

You’ll learn how these three friends found the show and get insights into what impact watching S10 in the original order had (hint, its better).

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Ben & Jerry’s takes a stand on Black Lives Matter and Black Twitter responds hilariously

Ben & Jerry’s declared their support for Black Lives Matter, which is not surprising, given the company’s history. Black Twitter made it clear that they approve.

Here are a few 18 to 49 favorites:



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