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18-to-49-art - Episode60

Episode 71: Hidden Treasures


Chrisley Knows Best is keeping Alaia in stitches while Halt and Catch Fire has her wondering when the cat fights will end. Alaia also tries to find a reason to watch Tyrant but her search isn’t yielding any results. Brandi rants about her favorite YouTube shows, First and That Guy, and she expresses her appreciation (love) for Will Catlett the lead character. The ladies also manage to chat about What Happened, Miss Simone, Paula Deen, Jared The Subway Guy, Charlie Ocean, Celebrity Tinder, and the #dontjudgechallenge.

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18-to-49-art - Episode60

Episode 70: About Me

The BET Awards, Chrisley Knows Best, First, and a host of other random shows and topics are up for discussion this week. Are you a regular listener of the show? If so, we want to hear from you. Drop us a line and tell us what you love most about the show.


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18-to-49-art - Episode60

Episode 69: Can You Feel It?

Netflix has our attention this week with the release of Orange Is The New Black and Sense8. Alaia also provides a thorough recap of all the summer shows that she’s been watching (True Detective, Tyrant, and Chrisley Knows Best).


Have you seen Dope? Brandi thinks it was super Dope and she wants to know what you thought about the film. Drop us a line or an audio message, like our friend Stephanie did with Orphan Black, and let us know what you think. Send us a Dope note at 18to49podcast[at]gmail.com


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Episode 68: The Golden Years

Don’t you love our special episodes? We know you do, so here’s another! This week we discuss the golden years of TV – and what that means to us. Which shows made us want to move to Alaska and live with men? We’ll tell you. Which shows shaped who we are and how do they reflect us now? Oh yeah, we go there. Favorite shows, cultural shifts in TV watching and more. We deliver the goods to you.


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Episode 67: Searching for Brian Shea

You asked, we delivered. It took a year, but we’ve finally let the infamous Brian Shea on our show!

On this week’s episode we talk about group texting, mileage tracking and bad chairs. We manage to squeeze in some TV talk as Brandi and Brian share their most shocking TV moments and Alaia dazzles with trivial TV knowledge. And, just for you, dear friends, we bring back Life Alert Moments. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Learn more about Brian at sheaconsulting.biz . You can check out his awesome show at indieconsultantspodcast.com

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18-to-49-art - Episode60

Episode 66: Old Face Baby

This week we talk about a bunch of movies we won’t be watching, Alaia’s Mad Men addiction continues and we get lost in the world of #OldFaceBaby.
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Episode 65: Pop Culture Popcorn

Pull up a seat and grab a snack because this episode is pretty juicy. Brandi gets a little too deep into the 19 Kids and Counting controversy, we share our favorite #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat moments, and Alaia reminds us all to believe.


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The End of Mad Men

On this special episode of 18 to 49, Alaia is joined by a few Mad Men fans to chat about the finale and the show as a whole. We discuss the Coke ad controversy, Kiernan Shipka’s massive talent and what happens when certain people get power. In addition to talking about where the finale left us, we also dished about the character arcs of each key player and chat about our favorite scenes and episodes.

Big thanks to our special guests:
Stephanie Lakey
D of Mak and D Talk TV – www.makanddtalktv.com and https://twitter.com/dejuanh


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18-to-49-art - Episode60

Episode 63: All the Impish People

On this week’s episode, we wonder where all the black people went when they walked out of the TNT Academy graduation. Alaia fears that Mad Men may be in jeopardy and shows what true fandom looks like when she discusses The X-Files. We dish about network cancellations and renewals, the awful Jem and the Holograms trailer, Game of Thrones and 19 Kids and Counting. Also – we make big fun of CBS and learn a new word.
Make Alaia’s heart flutter by joining her X-Files challenge – season one starts NOW!
Question of the week: What are your thoughts on the new Jem flick?
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